Friday, October 19, 2012

Moving Along

Once again it as been awhile since I posted anything.  Good news is it is not because I haven't been exercising, just life has been pretty hectic.  I have been running or should I say "wogging" 3-4 days a week since September 1st.  My friend told me about this super cool app called Run Keeper. It is awesome and for someone who is competitive it makes a great motivational tool.  I'm always trying to beat my last average time or it pushes me to go a bit further.   I love that I can look and actually see my progress.  Right now I'm doing an 8 week 5K workout.  Feels like my own personal coach.

Finally,  the first part of October I ran a complete 1 1/2 miles without walking one bit!! Can't say I've done it since, but I find myself walking alot less.  I feel my body getting stronger..although the outside does not show it.  My eating habits still need to change for that to happen. 

This morning it was raining so I debated just hopping on the treadmill, but the dog had different plans.  He stood at the door and whined, so outside we went.  I think about 1 mile into it he was regretting it, for he was soaked and firmly planted his feet for a moment.  Running in the rain is kinda refreshing, but also felt alot harder.  Ended up doing 3.86 miles.  The other day when I ran I could picture myself looking good, good form, good stride (even though I realize to others I looked like a fat chick waddling along).  Well today felt so different. My legs felt like bricks and I was struggling to keep any form, but the good thing is I didn't stop.  I kept moving.  The workout today was 45 minutes of a slow steady pace. 

I now feel a little bit addicted.  I can't wait for my workouts and don't want to miss any, even if that means  I need to do them at 9:00 pm. Ok still need to work on getting up super early to get it in.  Fact is I love that I can feel my body getting stronger!!