Thursday, February 27, 2014

Runkeeper Say What???

Today it took me a little while to get moving (yes that dang piddle thing again!!), but I convinced myself I could go out and do 3 miles.....
        So I hit the road and some point in the journey I decided to go somewhere I had never been before.  I crossed a nice bridge, then realized this road was a gradual hill and a pretty good one.  It was a beautiful day so I kept moving.  Pretty soon I saw this:
I've always been the curious type and a bit of a rebel.  I looked at it and thought for a moment.
But only a brief moment.
Then I climbed over the gate.
It was a bit muddy, but beautiful trail through the woods.  I did pass a vehicle from the company and thought maybe he was gonna tell me to leave, but he just smiled and waved as he drove past.  (WHEW!!)  I don't know how far I went back before seeing a little side trail.  It led me down to:
I did take a a short rest at this point to take in the beauty around me.  It was peaceful and I enjoyed watching the geese that were out in the middle of the pond.
Needless to say this trail was mentally very refreshing.  I made my way out of the trail, climbed over the gate and headed back up the hill and I heard a Runkeeper cue.. I heard the time and then it said: 
 DISTANCE 3.86 miles.  
RUNKEEPER SAY WHAT???  I had no idea I had gone that far and realized I had to get back home at some point today.
I went a little further up the hill before this situation really sunk in and finally turned around.
By the time I hit 5 miles I was done!!  I didn't think I could go on. That's when another motivation was thrown in my path...
another runner!!  
He was a little ways in front of me, but I kept him in my sights.  Thinking how cool would it be to run past him!  HAHA!! (I really wouldn't of done that to him.)  I kept thinking what would Kody do?  If this was a race situation and that guy was in the lead, he would of kept him in his sights and gained ground on him until he could pass him at the end. (But I'm a long ways off of having Kody power).  The good thing is it was motivation enough to keep me moving.  Which I totally needed at that point.  I did get lucky and the other runner lives in my neighborhood and I did pass him coming down the hill towards my house (although he was walking at that point.).  
My lesson today: When you think you can't go on find something to keep you motivated.  Even if it seems silly or stupid.  Hey if it works who cares!! Sometimes you need to cross the barriers and most important:
Where ever life may take you..ENJOY THE JOURNEY!!

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

The Piddle Queen Award Goes to.....

The piddle award most definitely goes to ME!! I can take a simple task as getting ready for bed and take and hour doing it.  Trust me I extremely talented in that area. The dictionary defines it as:


verb (used without object), pid·dled, pid·dling.
to spend time in a wasteful, trifling, or ineffective way; dawdle (often followed by around  ): He wasted the day piddling around.
Although sometimes it is nice not to rely on time or always hurry this piddling habit can be a hindrance especially where exercise is concerned.  I have found my exercise needs to be done first thing in the morning or it doesn't get done...the longer I wait the harder it becomes.
    This morning was one of those days.  I slowly got up, took about 15 minutes to even get my workout clothes on, made my bed, folded some laundry and then looked out the door to see a lady walking her dog.  She was totally bundled up; coat, hat and gloves.   I used that as an excuse not to go outside.  I would get on the treadmill instead....well after more piddling I came across this quote written and posted by a good friend of mine.  

"Do you know that feeling when you see and feel progress? When your hard work is starting to pay off and you can see results? You know that you are on the edge and are about to make a break through? Keep going, don't stop. You've come this far but you still have a long way to go. Satisfaction is the death of desire."
  \m/ Forest Carter

He must have been inspired just for me. I thought about my last post and the progress I have made and the progress I still want to make.  Thanks to him I did get on that treadmill and did complete an good workout.  During this workout I thought about his quote and came up with some new "P" words I want to have more fully in my life:
Perseverance and Progress
You can't have one without the other! They go hand in hand.  I go back to his quote "Satisfaction is the death of desire".  
Keep that fire of getting better and stronger everyday burning within you.  
Do what it takes to keep you motivated and moving forward!
What does this have to do with piddling you ask?  
I know how much better I feel and how much more I can accomplish after a workout.  Time to make it a priority over piddling..Add the perseverance and progress will happen.

My lesson today: Make that workout the first priority in the morning!! Less piddling!

Monday, February 24, 2014

Time for a Comparison

I have been very hesitant to share picture updates with you, but it is time.  I started this journey about 16 months ago.   I started hoping for immediate results, but found joy in the fact that I was noticing how I was getting stronger on the inside.  Results were happening, just starting on the inside of me first and it was awesome!!  It was a great realization. I slowly began to like the stronger more confident me.  It took a good year to actually physically see weight loss.   I am now down almost 30 pounds and I just bought a pair of jeans that are 3 sizes smaller than I wore in 2012 (hoping it is not just an off or miss tagged pair)!!
Finding pictures of how I looked then is difficult.  I either cropped or deleted almost all of them.  I did finally come across one that was taken with a group of friends.  Needless to say I was shocked that I actually looked like that, but at the same time never thought I looked a whole lot different until I put the two pictures side by side. People kept telling me how different I looked and I didn't believe them.
I never thought how important it would be to compare before and after pictures, but it totally is!!
Even though you may feel better, have more confidence, energy and ect, It is nice to visually see the difference and how the hard work is paying off!  
I still have a ways to go, but this was a great exercise to keep me motivated to keep moving forward one step at at time!! On a side note this comparison also made me realize I don't want to be that blonde again either! HAHA!!
My lesson today:  Take a picture. Stash it away for a few months. Take another and then compare!!

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Got Problems?...Just Run Away!

When problems, issues, heartache, frustrations and ect. appear in our lives sometimes it feels like you are going to be crushed.  No my answer is not to really run away from the problems, but have found that when things get to me I want to literally run!!
Lace up the shoes, 
put on the headphones 
and hit the pavement.  
This morning I laced up with a very heavy sad heart (it's been a tough week).   The first mile I thought this is not looking good. I am going to end up in tears. The second mile my mood started to change, I found myself singing along to my music (in my head of course) and by mile 3 I was ready to tackle the hill that stood in front of me. So after 5.57 miles I am actually feeling pretty good!  
Gotta love endorphins!!
It is amazing what happens once I lose myself in the fresh air and the heart gets pumping a bit.  I don't always come up with all the answers or solutions, but do find peace and end up with a much clearer mind.  I feel like I have the strength once again to conquer what lies ahead of me. My bucket has been refilled at least for the moment and I can go on!!
       My lesson today:  When life gets you down, RUN!! 

Friday, February 21, 2014

The Chips in the Pantry Talk to Me!

The other day I made a trip to Costco.  Spent too much money, but regardless I picked up a HUGE bag of Ruffles chips.  They are the plain ones, nothing fancy.  I would of been fine had I not eaten one while making the kids lunches for the next day.   That one led to thoughts of wanting more all night long.  In my dreams I had it all planned. in the morning I was going to put some in a baggie so I could eat them on my way to work.  Two days in a row I ate them for breakfast.  I would find myself grabbing a handful, closing them up and putting them back in the pantry, several times a day!! Not good.   I was taught a few years ago that we all have different foods that we eat that trigger things within us.  Some we can eat and stop others we cannot.  The ones that we can't stop are called  "red light" foods.  Obviously, the plain ridged potato chips are on my list! I've actually known that for a long time.  It is a junk food I need to stay away from because I cannot stop eating it!!
     When I started this journey of finding myself,  I decided I would not deprive myself and so far it has worked.  If I want something I eat it!  I have found that with this concept I normally do not over eat as much. Often I find myself stopping after a bite or two and asking myself if it is really worth the calories.  I still have my moments and my weakness though, but the difference is I try to not beat myself up and just make an extra effort to get back to what I know I need to do.
      As for that bag of finally got down to the really crushed up pieces of chips.  As I dug in I finally said ENOUGH!! I crumpled it up and threw it away!!  Yes I will eat chips again, but my lesson for today:
Don't Deprive...but leave that GIGANTOR bag of chips on the shelf at the store!!

Thursday, February 20, 2014

If Mrs. P Could See Me Now.....

Today it is raining so I was forced to jump on the treadmill and was surprised it was one of those very  (did I mention very) rare occasions where you look down and are shocked at the amount of time you have been on there... I was lost in my music and thoughts to really pay attention to the time.  Strictly UNUSUAL, but AWESOME in the same sense!!
    I got thinking about my running history.  I went back to 7th grade PE.  I was a short, skinny very nerdy girl just trying to fit in.  My PE teacher was Mrs. P., who consequently happened to teach both my parents in school also.  Now that says something!! Having the same teacher your parents had in school..CRAZY!!  She was this very fit, very tanned lady who lived in tight shirts and tennis skirts.  She actually looked really good for her age.  We speculated on how old she really was.  She made us wear these awful one piece PE Uniforms that zipped up the front (that's a whole other story in it's self).  
   It was within my first week she realized who my dad was (everyone knows my dad).  I had trouble with my lock..I heard, "You dad would never be that slow, you sure you are his kid."   Well I heard lots of comments from her reminding me that I was not as quick as my dad and I should be,  I considered myself athletic.  I had been on the swim team and played baseball with the boys!!  I felt she picked on my a bit and I hated going to PE.  Then it came time to run the mile.  Knowing me I probably set out to prove Mrs. P wrong that I wasn't slow, but to tell you the truth I don't remember anything about that moment except throwing up for what seemed to be hours afterwards.  
    It was after parent teacher conference a few weeks later that Mrs. P realized who my mom was and WOW did life change in PE.  She loved me then, but unfortunately the damaged was already done.  In my little mind I was slow and running made me throw up..the end!!   I never purposely just ran for fun again up until just over a year ago.  
Today as I was running along I thought if only Mrs. P could see me now!!  Sure I am still not fast, but a more confident more determined individual.  She would never believe that I can run for 5+ miles and not throw up!!   
       What makes me feel good is that I FINALLY conquered that notion she put in my head all those years ago.   A little sad that I let it stay with me for all those years. There were opportunities that I may have missed because of it.......but the good news is it is GONE NOW!!
Lesson:  Time to look within yourself and get rid of those negative words someone once told you!  Throw them out, stomp on the grounds and proudly say,
"Mrs. P if you could see me now!!" (and I can actually picture her smiling!)

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

There's Gonna Be Bad Days...

I am a huge competitor and that is why running is the perfect sport for me.  I am truly my own best competition.  Sometimes that is a really good thing and other times it is not.  When I first started this running thing I was extremely hard on myself when I couldn't go farther or when each run wasn't faster.  I wasn't fun not seeing improvement with each run.  Sometimes spending hours dwelling on the fact that I wasn't good  or strong enough that day.  Luckily I have grown a bit since those days and with the help of some fellow running friends realized that each day is different.  There are lots of different factors that can effect a run.  Such as:
  1. weather
  2. what you ate and when you ate last
  3. clothing issues
  4. tiredness
  5. emotional issues
  6. technical issues

That is just touching the surface on things that can cause each run to be different. Back in September I sent this message to an incredible running friend of mine:

"Is it normal to have days when your runs just suck?  I had broke through a wall ran my fastest mile pace on a training run on Tuesday.  Today was awful.  I had not energy and my time was almost a minute off. Aggghhhh!"

Her response:
"It is SO normal! You are totally on the right track. Every runner I know has bad runs. It makes you appreciate the good ones that much more. You are doing great lady!"

She is very wise and that was just what I needed to hear.

Today's run was like that one back in September and  I will admit I am a bit disappointed.  Sure my pace was a minute over the time I ran last week and I never quite got that runner's high.  I felt icky and thought at one point I would throw up...but the important thing is I did something....fact is:

There are gonna be bad days and if you can make it through it you will be stronger for not quitting!
Each run does not have to be further or faster.   Variables are good!!  Believe me it has taken a long time for me to get that through my head.
Another friend advised,
 "Listen to your body, some days it needs to go at a slower pace and other's it is ready to go hard."
Lesson:  Let the bad go.  Keep moving and enjoy the good!!

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

My Birthday Goal and a Little Celebration!!

It is my 45th birthday today.  I set the goal that I wanted to run 4.5 miles (a little symbolic).  It was only 20 degrees and snowing, but I wasn't going to let that stop me.  I added a hat and some gloves and hit the pavement.  At some point during this run I felt pretty good and decided that I wanted more that 4.5 miles... I needed to beat my distance record and go further than I ever had which was 7 miles (and that was only once.)  It wasn't easy, but I made it 7.33 miles with a 11:26 minute/mile pace which is really good for me.
It felt great and I celebrated the fact that I just kicked my 44 year old self's butt!!
It truly was a great birthday present to myself to know that I am getting stronger and age is just some numbers!!
Then my family gave me these new beauties.  I cannot wait to try them out!!
It was a great day!
Advice for the day: ENJOY and Celebrate yourself!!