Saturday, February 22, 2014

Got Problems?...Just Run Away!

When problems, issues, heartache, frustrations and ect. appear in our lives sometimes it feels like you are going to be crushed.  No my answer is not to really run away from the problems, but have found that when things get to me I want to literally run!!
Lace up the shoes, 
put on the headphones 
and hit the pavement.  
This morning I laced up with a very heavy sad heart (it's been a tough week).   The first mile I thought this is not looking good. I am going to end up in tears. The second mile my mood started to change, I found myself singing along to my music (in my head of course) and by mile 3 I was ready to tackle the hill that stood in front of me. So after 5.57 miles I am actually feeling pretty good!  
Gotta love endorphins!!
It is amazing what happens once I lose myself in the fresh air and the heart gets pumping a bit.  I don't always come up with all the answers or solutions, but do find peace and end up with a much clearer mind.  I feel like I have the strength once again to conquer what lies ahead of me. My bucket has been refilled at least for the moment and I can go on!!
       My lesson today:  When life gets you down, RUN!! 

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