Thursday, February 20, 2014

If Mrs. P Could See Me Now.....

Today it is raining so I was forced to jump on the treadmill and was surprised it was one of those very  (did I mention very) rare occasions where you look down and are shocked at the amount of time you have been on there... I was lost in my music and thoughts to really pay attention to the time.  Strictly UNUSUAL, but AWESOME in the same sense!!
    I got thinking about my running history.  I went back to 7th grade PE.  I was a short, skinny very nerdy girl just trying to fit in.  My PE teacher was Mrs. P., who consequently happened to teach both my parents in school also.  Now that says something!! Having the same teacher your parents had in school..CRAZY!!  She was this very fit, very tanned lady who lived in tight shirts and tennis skirts.  She actually looked really good for her age.  We speculated on how old she really was.  She made us wear these awful one piece PE Uniforms that zipped up the front (that's a whole other story in it's self).  
   It was within my first week she realized who my dad was (everyone knows my dad).  I had trouble with my lock..I heard, "You dad would never be that slow, you sure you are his kid."   Well I heard lots of comments from her reminding me that I was not as quick as my dad and I should be,  I considered myself athletic.  I had been on the swim team and played baseball with the boys!!  I felt she picked on my a bit and I hated going to PE.  Then it came time to run the mile.  Knowing me I probably set out to prove Mrs. P wrong that I wasn't slow, but to tell you the truth I don't remember anything about that moment except throwing up for what seemed to be hours afterwards.  
    It was after parent teacher conference a few weeks later that Mrs. P realized who my mom was and WOW did life change in PE.  She loved me then, but unfortunately the damaged was already done.  In my little mind I was slow and running made me throw up..the end!!   I never purposely just ran for fun again up until just over a year ago.  
Today as I was running along I thought if only Mrs. P could see me now!!  Sure I am still not fast, but a more confident more determined individual.  She would never believe that I can run for 5+ miles and not throw up!!   
       What makes me feel good is that I FINALLY conquered that notion she put in my head all those years ago.   A little sad that I let it stay with me for all those years. There were opportunities that I may have missed because of it.......but the good news is it is GONE NOW!!
Lesson:  Time to look within yourself and get rid of those negative words someone once told you!  Throw them out, stomp on the grounds and proudly say,
"Mrs. P if you could see me now!!" (and I can actually picture her smiling!)

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