Thursday, February 27, 2014

Runkeeper Say What???

Today it took me a little while to get moving (yes that dang piddle thing again!!), but I convinced myself I could go out and do 3 miles.....
        So I hit the road and some point in the journey I decided to go somewhere I had never been before.  I crossed a nice bridge, then realized this road was a gradual hill and a pretty good one.  It was a beautiful day so I kept moving.  Pretty soon I saw this:
I've always been the curious type and a bit of a rebel.  I looked at it and thought for a moment.
But only a brief moment.
Then I climbed over the gate.
It was a bit muddy, but beautiful trail through the woods.  I did pass a vehicle from the company and thought maybe he was gonna tell me to leave, but he just smiled and waved as he drove past.  (WHEW!!)  I don't know how far I went back before seeing a little side trail.  It led me down to:
I did take a a short rest at this point to take in the beauty around me.  It was peaceful and I enjoyed watching the geese that were out in the middle of the pond.
Needless to say this trail was mentally very refreshing.  I made my way out of the trail, climbed over the gate and headed back up the hill and I heard a Runkeeper cue.. I heard the time and then it said: 
 DISTANCE 3.86 miles.  
RUNKEEPER SAY WHAT???  I had no idea I had gone that far and realized I had to get back home at some point today.
I went a little further up the hill before this situation really sunk in and finally turned around.
By the time I hit 5 miles I was done!!  I didn't think I could go on. That's when another motivation was thrown in my path...
another runner!!  
He was a little ways in front of me, but I kept him in my sights.  Thinking how cool would it be to run past him!  HAHA!! (I really wouldn't of done that to him.)  I kept thinking what would Kody do?  If this was a race situation and that guy was in the lead, he would of kept him in his sights and gained ground on him until he could pass him at the end. (But I'm a long ways off of having Kody power).  The good thing is it was motivation enough to keep me moving.  Which I totally needed at that point.  I did get lucky and the other runner lives in my neighborhood and I did pass him coming down the hill towards my house (although he was walking at that point.).  
My lesson today: When you think you can't go on find something to keep you motivated.  Even if it seems silly or stupid.  Hey if it works who cares!! Sometimes you need to cross the barriers and most important:
Where ever life may take you..ENJOY THE JOURNEY!!

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