Saturday, March 1, 2014

Buns of.......Beach balls?

Today I decided to jump on the treadmill and try this new interval workout I had found (trying to mix it up a bit).  As I got to my first faster pace interval I felt lots shaking from behind...yes it was literally my behind shaking.  Luckily I just started laughing because I remember a something my mom had told me years ago;
She had a dream that she looked back in the mirror and saw two beach balls. They kept following her and then at some point she realized it was her butt!!  It mortified her at the time, but we laugh about it now.  The strange thing about this dream is my mom was this thin little thing and no way did her butt look like beach balls.

Isn't it crazy how our mind works.  It can totally make us think we look totally different than we really do.  I put this theory to the test today.   We all know I was feeling a lot jiggly today (those dang beach balls), more self conscious than usual and I wasn't even around anyone. 
How sad is that!!  
There is this lady that runs the neighborhood all the time.  She makes it look easy and is a beautiful  runner.  I have often watched her and thought if I only looked like that!!  Well today as I ran I pictured myself running with her form, long legs and all (even though I have very short legs.)  I thought in my mind I looked good running.  I must have been feeling pretty good because all of a sudden I hear....MOM!!  Oops I was singing out loud.  I had forgotten all about my beach ball butt!! TEST WAS A SUCCESS!!

We start to BELIEVE we are what we THINK we are!

Not that this is new information to anyone, but a good reminder.  

Lesson today: Take this test:
 Every time you look in the mirror tell yourself how beautiful you are! 
No matter how hard it may be. 
 DO IT!! 
See what happens.
Because you truly are:
Just the way you are!!

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