Saturday, March 29, 2014

Leading with My Heart...

This has been an incredibly crazy busy week.  I've felt that no matter how hard I try or how fast I move I cannot get ahead.  I keep falling behind in all that I do.  This morning I drug myself out of bed, got my running gear on and looked outside..RAIN and lots of it.  I wandered around for a little bit debating because I had really looked forward to an outside run.  I finally decided to just do it.  I added a hat and hit the pavement.   The rain was just a drizzle, but as I went on the drops got bigger and heavier.  I was getting soaked.  It made it hard to see.  My body became tired much more quickly. At one point my mind kept saying quit, you don't have it.  You are tired. You suck...
That is when something incredible took place...
My heart took over.  
I began to run with my heart not letting my mind (or satan) get in the way! It became a welcomed challenge.
I finished 5.12 miles with an average mile pace better than normal.
This got me thinking how often when the storms rage in upon us and things get tough, that voice enters our minds and attempts to tells us we are no good, not strong or even worthy so why keep trying.  How often do we let our mindset stop us from accomplishing a dream or anything for that matter.  It causes great fear!!
As I was coming home last night I stopped and snapped this photo.  It reminds me to look for the light in the storm.  It is there.
This is me, wet and cold, but feeling very accomplished to not only finish my run, but more importantly let my heart take over and over rule my mind's negativity. 

Lesson for today:  Sometimes we have to act in faith and let our hearts take over to get through the storms and get passed the negativity that can so often enter our minds.  Remember most of all "THE STORM SHALL PASS".

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