Friday, March 7, 2014


Back in August of 2009 my family was here to visit and my son didn't want to run this 5 mile race alone, so a few of us joined him.
(Yes that's me in the middle.)
We had a great time and have cherished memories of that day.
Who would of ever guessed that I would ever want to run a race again
Last Summer 8 of us including my Mom ran the Color Run
This is us before the race started.
We had a blast!!
A week later my sister, her husband and I ran another one.  Not sure what I was thinking running a race with all college students!! Especially at registration they said to my sister how nice that they brought their mom.  HAHA!!  Not funny!  
The start was a killer hill. I thought I was going to die! Luckily I lived to tell the story! haha!!
In December I ran another one with my sweet 12 year old. It was a record cold streak.
It was 17 degrees when the race started.
It took a good two miles to finally be able to feel our hands and feet. ( Kelsee was not a happy camper!)
At one point during this race I thought, "What in the heck am I doing?'
Then the next day I turned around and signed up for another race the following weekend.
My oldest daughter was a good sport to run it with me. (Weather was perfect!)
Well the chain reactions continues as I prepare to run my first 5K of 2014 in the morning and the 2nd the following week!!
IT'S PURE MADNESS I tell you!!
and secretly I LOVE every minute of it!
Lesson: Fight that fear and sign up for a race.  You are your only competition.  The feeling of accomplishment crossing that finish line is like no other!! JUST DO IT!!!

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