Thursday, April 10, 2014

The Things in My Head.....

Like I said before running is my "therapy".  I use it to clear my head.  Today's run took on a new meaning to the word "clear".  Here's how it went down in my head:

 1.  Training plan says 4 miles.  Ok that is doable.
 2.  Wow who's shadow is that?  Oh my it is mine!! Scary!!
 3.  Stretch a people watching.  Take off and go.  Look strong.
 4. Why did I let my girls talk me into buying spandex running pants. My jiggles have jiggles!!
 5..  Ha.. Hill here I come...
 6.  How long have I been running?  Out of breath...can't breathe.
 7. Seriously it's only been a mile.  Gonna be a long run I can tell already.
 8.  Look how blue the sky is.. I need to pee.  Not a good time or place for that.
 9. Oh cow poop...stepping over it.  Kinda smells..
10. Feeling a little bit of a runner's high..
11. Does a runner's high really exist??
12.  Ok do I run on the highway for a ways or not?
13.  Wow that ditch is really full of water..oops I almost fell in.
14.  Car..don't make eye contact.
15.  Yes car..fat girl attempting to run.
16.  Who's stupid idea was it to run the highway anyway?
17.  OK big hill...prepare to be conquered.
18.  Slow and steady wins the race.  Don't look up..
19.  Wow I didn't realize how long this hill is, am I ever gonna reach the top?
20.  3 miles..Oh Luke Bryan you can crash my party anytime!!
21.  Car..coming really close to me.  Lady I can't get over any further. Wow almost ran over by an old lady. 
21. Hill is conquered. Hear me roar!
22.  Down hill is good.. Too bad home isn't at the bottom of it.
23.  Car turning around. Not a good time to pick this wedgie.  
24. I really don't want to go any further. Why is it I run again? and I'm considering a 10k..what am I thinking.
25. Hey there's one of the construction little flashers laying there, perhaps I should pick it up.  I could put it on my butt to signal a wide load.  Hahaha! I would have a blinking butt!! 
26. Oops how did I miss the road I needed. Guess I will go a little further and turn around.
27. Lying Eyes by the Eagles.  Good song. Wonder if there are any eagles over there.  I haven't seen many yet this spring. Perhaps I should run over that way.
28.  Runkeeper say what??? Workout complete.. 4 miles.  But I'm still a couple miles from home.  Someone want to come get me??
29.  OK feeling strong, YOU CAN DO THIS!!  Squirrel..haha I made myself look.
30.  I'm really tired.  hmmmmm wonder what made that big hole.
31. Almost to the road straight to home.  YAY!!
32.  Don't turn on that road keep going!!
33.  Wow I really like how blue my shoes are.  I really like these shoes.
34. 5 miles?  What? It has already been 5 miles.  Where did time go?
35.  Ouch I just stabbed myself. I think it is time to cut my fingernails.  
35. Oops that trip would of been bad, So glad I stayed upright!
26. I recognize that car..Keep running. Look strong until they've passed and can no longer see you.
27. Keep going!! You can do this.  If you want to run a 10k next month you need to do this..WHAT? That's next month??
28.  OK down hill stretch to home.  I can do this.
29.  I've been running for how long?  Eye of the tiger..eye of the tiger!! 
30. HOME how I love you..What? 5.89 miles..crap I gotta keep going can't leave it that close to 6.
31.  HILL!! What was I thinking!  I'm probably not going to be able to walk tomorrow.
32. WOW! Run complete.  I ROCK!! haha, not really time kinda sucked, but I did it!!

Now you understand my "clear" for today.  I think it was a bit too clear! HAHA!!  
After having such a horrible run the time before it helped to keep things light not think too much today!

Lesson for today: It is Ok to have conversation with yourself !!  HA I have nothing else today, but  ENJOY LIFE!! 

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

One Foot in Front of the Other....

I picked this hill a few weeks ago and my goal was to be able to run to the very top without walking at all.  It is a pretty good challenge. Little did I know it was nothing like the monster of a hill that faced me during the final mile of my last 5K  At one point I almost gave up, my feet slowed a bit and then my desire kicked in and I kept going.  I found the only way I could make it was to focus on my feet and make sure I was just putting one foot in front of the other and continue moving.  Not paying attention to how high the hill was or how much further I had to go and you know what...
I survived and even ran back to motivate my daughter that she could do it!!  This small feat was huge.  
I was stronger than my brain said I was!
 A week later I stared up from the bottom of  my "goal" hill with determination and took off...
Was it easy NO, but I finally did it!! I ran the whole way and it felt GREAT!!
This got me thinking about life's challenges.  They can feel so daunting, the stress and pressures are just too much.  We can't do it.....
                   When life hands you these "HILLS"  need to focus on taking those steps, no matter how tiny they may feel, to keep moving forward.   Don't let the adversary tell you that you are weak and should quit. Keep going!! Pretty soon you'll look back and be amazed at how far you've come what you've accomplished and bask in the new found strength!  
Bonus view from the top of my "goal" hill. Big bonus!!

Lesson for today: Keep putting one foot in front of the other! That hill is not as high as you think!!